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BEdusty Patch - black used

BEdusty Patch - black used

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Denim jacket with patches men's BEdusty Patch by BE EDGY Berlin

A classic men's denim jacket reinterpreted with patches - the BE EDGY Berlin BEdusty Patch features eight different statement patches as well as two eye-catching cotton patches on the back and sleeves. A concealed zip, two breast pockets and a shirt collar round off the BEdusty Patch in black used.

This black denim jacket with patches men should not be missing in any wardrobe

The timeless color in black with a slightly used look can be easily combined with any outfit - this denim jacket with patches creates a masculine, individual and authentic appearance. The jeans jacket with expressive patches has its very own rebellious flair and is a key piece for every man.

Men's denim jacket with patch - the motifs are diverse and unique

Denim jacket men with patches gives every outfit more personality. A men's denim jacket with colorful patches goes perfectly with jeans, a white T-shirt and sneakers. Patches on jackets also have a long tradition in the military look. Here, lace-up boots and comfortable trousers can be combined.

Cool patches made of cotton and denim, which stand out with red and yellow accents, decorate this men's denim jacket and make a striking statement. This denim trend with a logo patch immediately creates a casual look.

With the large selection in our online shop, there is something for every taste. For those who don't like the black denim jacket, the BEdusty patch in indigo mid is guaranteed to be a perfect match for the next light denim jacket in blue. But the oversized denim jacket and the classic denim jacket can also be found in our range. Available sizes are S, M, L, XL and size XXL. Our size range covers both small and large sizes.

The history of the patches

Patches are embroidered or printed pieces of fabric that can be attached with safety pins or attached to the textile by sewing. Modern methods include ironing on, gluing, or a Velcro solution. Computer-aided machine production has made the once rare art suitable for the masses.

These textile badges have been used for centuries as an important means of identification and a sign of group membership, for example for the military as a symbol on uniforms or as a symbol of social organizations. In addition, for a long time they were worn for practical reasons, e.g. to cover holes.

How denim jackets with patches became a trend

With the protest movement against the Vietnam War in the early 1960s, a counterculture emerged that used symbols such as flower headbands, peace patches and other patches to protest and draw attention. They symbolized love, peace and compassion.

Their movement had an impact on global trends - it changed not only moral attitudes, but also fashion. This was expressed by the increasing popularity of second clothing in a military look, which was optically enhanced with fabric patches.

Patches became a symbol of solidarity and identity

In the 80s, the counterculture turned into the punk movement. Instead of fighting social grievances with love and peace, more drastic measures were taken. This was also reflected in the fashion world - patches were combined with spikes, chains and safety pins.

The "anti-fashion" continued to spread and designers like Vivian Westwood took up the anarchist trend. On the patches, for example, there was a sign of the favorite band or a provocative statement - patches were applied to denim vests, leather jackets or custom-made blazers. Fashion made a louder statement. The heavy metal movement followed a short time later.

Since then, patches have been reinvented and adapted - they are a symbol of social and political attitudes, but also of personal style and identity.

Make your personal statement with the men's denim jacket BEdusty Patch by BE EDGY Berlin.

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