Glamping Weekend - BE EDGY Berlin

Glamping Weekend

Glamping is the new camping!

Means: lobster barbecue, canoeing and a subsequent festival thanks to the guys from Crewcamp.

BE EDGY was invited to spend a wonderful weekend at the Flakensee campsite with the mega team from Campsy and the lovely MUSASMUSAS ladies Julia Dalia, Albina and Salima. It was unspeakably excellent cared for all of us - thank you for that!

be edgy crew lederjacke girls glamping fun leatherjacket modern jalda helene mara

Of course, the whole thing must be captured, for which the photographer @bob_sala was responsible. For the cozy factor 1000, motorhome manufacturer Concorde provided us with an adorable home on four wheels.

be edgy lederjacke leatherjacket jalda black grey soft pink girls camping

be edgy lederjacke leatherjacket helene red girl

be edgy lederjacke leatherjacket jalda black grey soft pink girls camping

Together with the Influencer beauties Alyssa Cordes, Laura Baumann, Saskia Jung, Cheyenne Tulsa and Olive Duran, the trip could now start.

Thanks to the girls from MusasMusas and photographer @bob_sala, you can see what happened in text, pictures and a short movie under #TheyDontWantYouToCamp.

Leatherjackets in Summertime

All the girls had their favorite BE EDGY leather jacket in their luggage and came up with matching outfits. I asked a few of them how they prefer to combine their leather jacket in summer. They told me - in English of course because we're international!


be edgy lederjacke leatherjacket jalda black alyssa influencer model

wearing BEjalda black

Some denim shorts, band shirt and boots and that's it - perfect festival outfit and perfect for summer!


be edgy lederjacke leatherjacket Mara black girl

wearing BEmirja black

During hot days, cool looks are the best. When sun has set and night air arrives, leather jackets are the best combination for my favorite kind of outfit which keeps you ready for any kind of activity: jeans shorts, plain white t-shirt, biker boots and curly undone hair look. My personal favorite accessorie is pink lipstick, thats gives the necessary touch of disco.


be edgy lederjacke leatherjacket Jalda grey girl biker

wearing BEjalda grey

As I am a vintage lover I love it to combine new with old. Today I am wearing my favourite leather head found years ago on a market in London. A dress by Vintageparrot because some glitter is always a good idea for every festival! My: "I survive every festival" screaming boots from Vagabond together with my BE EDGY leatherjacket... cause leather works with everything.


be edgy Lederjacke leatherjacket Helene red girl vintage

wearing BEhelene red

On a warm summer day I love wearing my red fringe leatherjacket with some old used denim shorts, a croptop and green chucks. For the night I love looking sophisticated so I combine it with a sexy tight dress, some high heels and my favourite green chloe bag with golden handles.


be edgy lederjacke leatherjacket jalda black girl biker model

wearing BEjalda black

In Summer I like to wear as little as possible. So when I'm wearing my leather jacket I'll combine it with denim cut off shorts and a vintage tee or a white bowler shirt and my vintage Prada loafers.

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